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Roelof Berg
Gustav-Falke-Str. 63
D-23562 Lübeck

EMail: rbergATberg-solutionsDOTde
Phone: +49 170 517 16 95

Roelof Berg is responsible regarding German § 55 RStV.

2 thoughts on “Contact”

    1. The question was (translated to English), wether I offer training in Boost / VxWorks.

      I started being a trainer for IT engineers (besides my main job as product software architect) in October 2015 and I will contact you by e-mail.

      For a VxWorks training I can really recommend the trainings from WindRiver. Their trainings belong to the best I ever had, really awesome. They come to your company with fast laptops and every example is so well prepared that it works just flawless – and you spend most of the time in doing examples in this training, which ensures that you will really learn and remember the topics.


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